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95 Lives Article in PWP


If we were to all jump into the way back machine (something akin to a time machine) and turn the little knurled knob to October of 2010 and push the little pear-shaped lavender button beside the cup holder containing the silver caraffe of decaf espresso, we would, with luck, end up in the wilds of Harlem, preferably near sunset and hopefully standing beside the lovely and amazing Tanya Sleiman, documentary director and dear friend. If we ended up somewhere or somewhen else, well, at least we’d have a nice cup of espresso and hopefully we’d just make the best of it.

As we stand near Tanya we’d notice she’s a woman of keen concentration with a quick smile and lively eyes. We’d also likely hear her talking to Mike Attie, fellow filmmaker, and Daniel Stephens, cinematographer. She’s talking to them about the shot she wants here in the beautiful wilds of Harlem. She speaks in a quickly cadenced but kind voice that at once suggests an openness for collaboration and an absolute understanding of what she needs camera and sound (that’s Mike’s job) to do. Openness with determination. It’s a fantastic trait in a director and Tanya’s got it in shovels full (or spades).

But I’ve actually brought you here to see her in action, first hand, so that you have some point of reference, some understanding of who she is, so that when you read the amazing article about her Professional Women Photographers Online, you’ll enjoy the experience all the more.

Now, take a few steps to your left so you don’t get nailed by a passing hipster-laden fixie and watch. Or, if you’re impatient, jump off to the article and enjoy.