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Type A

Yes, it’s considered a personality type, however, this incarnation is a music video for a  song titled, you guessed it, Type A. Though, as luck would have it, the song is about a bloke with the afore-mentioned personality classification.

A few years ago my long-time creative partner, Doug Stradley and I were sitting in a small, dimly lit and slightly disheveled office in what is now the Maine Media Workshops. We were both working there at the time – Doug heading the film program and I heading the film technology department (very geeky, yes). It was early spring and we had a slow week ahead of us. Obviously this meant we needed to do something epic. Or at least fun and creative. We needed to shoot a music video.

Doug, being the well-connected, resourceful guy he is, decided to call a pal at Saddle Creek and find out if any of the bands needed a music video shot – one that we could shoot in Maine and didn’t need to feature the band. Tall order, but as luck would have it, the pal was intrigued. He gave us a choice of three songs, three different bands. We chose this one.

It was a fun three day shoot. We had a great crew that included long-time friend and gripologist, Adam Belanger (Abel), the very talented Laura Sabatie and the ever resourceful Andre Danylevich to name a few. Our friend and actor Jim James agreed to star as Mr. Type A – perhaps cast against type. And good friend and filmmaker, Ryan White jumped on board as one of the three “handlers.”

And we made this.