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2013 Workshops

The new year has begun with aplomb, or at least with a small pile of snow and a modicum of good cheer here in the wilds of Maine. This, of course, means it’s time to organize my workshop schedule for the Spring. I am excited about returning to Maine Media Workshops once again to lead workshops about my favorite subject, light. I am a bit of a photon junkie.

The courses I lead are concept-based, geared towards building a strong understanding of how to effectively manipulate the quality and quantity of light and shadow in order to convey meaning. The concepts are strongly reinforced with a lot of hands-on lighting in both very controlled (sound stage) and less-so (practical locations) environments.

These courses also serve as a guilty pleasure; they help to recharge me creatively and they provide a learning environment in which I find myself discovering new qualities of light within the process of lighting as well. In fact, this process provides me with as much a learning opportunity as the students.

Basic Lighting and Grip
May 19 – May 25

Aug 11 – Aug 17

Location Lighting
June 30 – July 6

Sept 1 – Sept 7

If you have any questions about any of these courses, or would like to sign up for one, please contact Maine Media Workshops (registrar{@}mainemedia.edu or me directly (daniel{@}geekpower.com).