Tuberville The Series

The first episode of Tuberville the Series is online. This project has been a joyful labor of love for myself and my producing partners, Anelisa Garfunkel and Mark Booker for over a year. Why so joyful? The series is a fictional exploration of life on a New England potato farm in support of a non-profit (Tuberville) started by Ralph Perkins. The non-profit seeks to end hunger in our communities by connecting unused and donated farm land with volunteers who plant and harvest food to give to food banks and food pantries in New England.

Ralph came to us over a year ago and asked if we would produce a short documentary about his non-profit. After considering this option and feeling that mini-docs had become so ubiquitous on non-profit websites, we decided it might be fun and helpful to examine a completely different option. The Tuberville web-series was born. The series takes the core values of Ralph’s non-profit – community, food safety, social justice and real social interaction – and weaves it into a magical world populated by characters who each embody some aspect of the non-profit’s core theme.

To make it interesting we created a story arc to unfold over two seasons which injects elements of magical realism, drama, comedy and inevitability into the series. The purpose is to provide an entertaining experience for viewers which also embodies a call to action – get involved in your local community to help end hunger and subsequently increase your involvement in your local community.

In a world increasingly dominated by social media and online-culture, we felt it was important to use the very tools we are essentially dismissing in order to reach an audience and help them reconnect, physically, with their local community. It is community awareness and involvement that is the root source for strengthening our ties to one another and thus our empathy for our fellow humans. And we feel this ultimately leads to action. And that action, in some small way, can lead to increased food security for ourselves and our neighbors.

Enjoy the first episode. It was a pleasure to be part of the process – to help write it, produce it and ultimately to film it.